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"Fatherhood is an attitude and a state of mind."
We are proud to be Black fathers and ready to show it in many ways: We go for walks with our children, change their diapers, or paint our toenails and our daughters' toenails. We are changing the stereotypes that claim otherwise.

We are Black Dads Germany.
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Alain Missala, originally from Cameroon and living in Germany since 2004, founded Black Dads Germany (BDG). Shocked by the lack of Black Role Models and positive Black representation in children's books, Alain sought to create a Black library but faced rejection. Undeterred, he started a Facebook group to connect with other Black fathers, sharing his story and contact information. The response was swift, with over 60 messages received within a day.

Role Models

By encouraging the fathers to start their local groups and adopt BDG’s low-threshold
formats, Alain introduces a highly replicable approach to organize and scale the BDG community while activating the Black dads across Germany to become changemakers in their localities. The movement is already spreading throughout Germany, with more than 1,000 dads active in 7 cities.

Sponsors / Partners / Collabs

By encouraging the fathers to start their local groups and adopt BDG’s low-thresholdAs always, we aim to empower the Black literary community in Germany. Our book selection focuses on stories by Black authors and those featuring Black protagonists. This approach has allowed us to showcase remarkable authors like Amanda Gorman, Matthew A. Cherry, Misty Copeland, Justine Canga, Constanze von Kitzing, Lupita Nyong'o, Sophia Gholz, Derek Barnes, Francis Omugha, Dayan Kodua, Jessica Love, Laura Ellen Anderson, Frank Murphy, Vashti Harrison, Michelle Barthley, Corinna Luyken, JR and Vanessa Ford, Sarah S. Brannen, Louisa Oppong, Guy Kabengele, Tayo Awosusi-Onutor, Ngozi Okwuosa, Alex Tetteyfio, Joceline Altevogt, Susan Bee, Dr. Élodie Malanda, and Mariela Georg and many more for the BLACK DADS READERS.

Additionally, many publishers, such as Hoffmann und Campe Verlag, Verlag Monika Fuchs, Magellan Kinder- und Jugendbuch Verlag, Knesebeck Verlag, Carl Auer Kids Verlag, Carlsen Verlag, Agate Publishing, Simon & Schuster Publishing, HaWandel Verlag, and especially Zuckersüß Verlag, Mentor Verlag, Gratitude Verlag, and Nalingi Verlag, and many more, generously support us with wonderful book gifts for the children :)

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